talk about the past calling… it looks like Apple intended to upgrade the Mac Pro a while ago and FORGOT! an article from lists XEON processors that speed bump the Mac Pro into “the new” category as the W3565 and E5645. these CPUs were released in 2009 and 2010. here are the exact release dates according to the wikipeidia page on the XEON family of CPUs:

W3565 released 2009-11-01 E5645 released 2010-03-16

links the Intel processor specs…

W3565 4 core XEON E5645 6 core XEON

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the coolest thing about the iPhone camera is that it's the only camera that we have that gets better as time goes by.
the END of the Mac Pro as we know it is nigh.
the best practices for Mac maintenance turn out to be very simple: do nothing.
Macworld Expo has been "the tradeshow" for all things Mac for the last 25 years. there was a time when it was mandatory for anyone who had an interest in Mac to attend. companies came here to announce products, users came to learn, buyers came to do deals and the press could see all their contacts. it was all under one roof. today it's not the show that it once was.
fact or ficture: a ton of icons on your desktop will make your Mac will run slower?
A no tech! I have a question for you guys. I just got a brand new America Pro for graduation in this. My for smack so I know there's plus.
having your way with a font does not magically make you a designer. it's so much more than just doing things to a pretty face.
you don't need to fake print a web graphic to guess what's inside the new Mac Mini.
it's a total work of art. really it is. but there's lots more than the stark nothing look of it to like.