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the last Macworld Expo


Remember when Macworld used to get 30k people coming to it? Well we have days were over 1m people visit our stores.
steve jobs

Macworld Expo has been “the tradeshow” for all things Mac for the last 25 years. there was a time when it was mandatory for anyone who had an interest in Mac to attend. companies came here to announce products, users came to learn, buyers came to do deals and the press could see all their contacts. it was all under one roof.

today it’s not the show that it once was.
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tablet thoughts

I think that it’s laughable that there is so much interest in tablets. so far every single photo has shown “a web page” being displayed. and in my mind this is not a problem that needs to be solved. I have lots of things that can do that. so I’ve been giving lots of thought to things that I might want a tablet for. read article