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10T Backup Server Project

I needed a backup device that transparent like Time Capsule, was more cost effective then a appliance NAS drive, give me the most storage for my money and it had to be something I could self repair. I ended up building a 10 terabyte server powered by FreeNAS for under a $1000.
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enter the age of 3D printing

I've had a lot of printers in my life from letter quality daisy wheels to dot matrix to dye sub to laser. and at some level the businesses I ran wouldn't have been possible without the leveraged use I got from printing without limits. Tom pointing that this same thing is right here with 3D printing is telling. 1) it's ground zero. think of Makerbot as a Epson MX-80 2) there potential for hundreds of new business 3) be prepared to see lots of failure as it engages 4) plastics and resins are toxic. stand by for regulation in California. the discussion last night over dinner before the show was about lots of different things but one subject was "I want one but I don't know why I want one." this was Kanen answering the question do you want a 3D printer because making 2 is just as easy as making 1.

taking apart an AKAI M9 pre-amp

it's interesting to see technology from the not so past. it's complicated and it's not. I found reason to what looked like madness as I became more familiar with the layout. sometimes it's a thing of beauty. but mostly you have to marvel that it worked at all. I am sure that somebody will marvel over an iPod the same way 4o years from now.
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G4 NAS drive MK3

the G4 machines we used for this project were retired hardware that had been purchased new. eventually they were deemed too old to do day to day work. in addition the machines that were made into NAS drives were passed over for faster G4 macs when a gift or donation was made to somebody who needed a machine. they were pretty much unloved.