check out the ARMigma project. the goal is to recreate an Amiga 500 while upgrading it to use modern accessories like SD cards for storage and use USB mice, keyboards and controllers.



link to the indegogo project page:

the Maker Faire 2012 has come and gone. we're reinspired to make an R2D2. and finish the 3D printer. here's a talk that wraps up the last incarnation of this event that attracts thousands of nerds, geeks, hackers, and normal people.

it’s better than the circus, the local carnival or a parade. the Maker Faire has been held at the San Mateo County Fairground since 2006. the event has changed over the years. it gets bigger adding more vendors, talks, exhibits and interests to a growing crowd that doesn’t seem so much like a crowd because everyone is there to learn and enjoy. some of the Faire seems more like a trade show than a faire and maybe that’s not a bad thing because it means that ideas have turned into businesses that are thriving.

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Maker Faire is a bustling place with lots to see. but there's not enough time to see it all.

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