What should I look for when choosing a monitor as I mainly watch videos and work with text a lot? Does refresh rate matter?

What should I look for when choosing a monitor as I mainly watch videos and work with text a lot? Does refresh rate matter?

COST is always a factor. sometimes cheap is an indication of older tech being closed out. there might be things to love in a higher end two year old display compared to a new shiny. read the specs. find a review.

the STAND is factor. how long does it wiggle after you interact with it. or does it wiggle on its own when you bump your desk. a stand that moves less is a better choice. even if the display cost a little more.

where are the CONTROLS. OFF / MENU / UP / DOWN. and how do the menus work. when watching video you may want to change the display profile. you know for darker or more pop. read article

How do you build a keyboard from scratch?

  the easiest way is to start with a keyboard using the encoder and USB board found inside. make a MAP of the key grid for the wiring of the key grid that you will either wire up from wires or to make a circuit board.  

if you want something more custom check out the TEENSY which is has lots of examples and code for making keyboards.

use a drawing or CAD program for the switch layout then cut it with hand tools using a guide or send it to a LASER cutting service for a more zact end result. in my experience Adobe Illustrator will work just as good as a CAD. Wood, MDF, plastic, or metal are all materials to consider for mounting switches. and it does not really matter what as long as the keys snap in place.

before you embark on a keyboard build consider there are many existing keyboards that might fill the bill in terms of ergonomics or customization. read article

ear bugs

the question asked, “what headphones do you like. are AirPods worth the money?

headphones progression to my ears:

original Apple white wired. sound is average. not high. not so low. middle of the road. considering how much AWW are it should sound better. also, these bastards make my ears hurt. FruitCo used to replace borked bugs for free. just ask the Genius. not anymore.

newer Apple white wired. the bugs with the pokey bit making it look like a tiny space ship. sound better than AWW. these are still one size first most. so my ears hurt after a session. better bass. I’m bugged about the WHITE cable. feels like advertising.  read article

Which method of data wiping (1,3,7 or 35 pass) on a disk can guarantee that data cannot be recovered from it even by today’s technology?

let’s talk about installing a driver. if you really want your data unrecoverable you should use the Dewalt method. or the Mikita method which is the same thing. either works wirelessly or with a wire. the method you ask? drill holes in the hard drive until there are a lot of holes. 

there is also the disassembly method which breaks the drive down into pieces and parts. the more pieces the better. bend. break. scratch. and scatter the parts.

finally, stop the world from prying your old data by installing MELT. to do that you have to make a mini forge. read article

Is a 5th Generation Core i3 laptop good for a beginner programmer?

I learned programming on a TRS-80 and a Apple II. you don’t need an i7, an i3, Core2Duo, Pentium Pro, or a PowerPC 603 to learn. CPU power is not that important. mostly you are typing and reading text. I always say, “3.2Ghz… we’re typing fast now!”

the things I consider important are:

the keyboard. if you do not like typing on what is in front of you the you will be annoyed about using the laptop. too loud, too squishy, or just feels wrong.

trackpads that are hard to use make for a bad experience. clicks should feel transparent. it should not get in the way of work and if it does, because it does not track, it will be frustrating. yes, you can add a mouse. and you should. but the track pad is part of it. read article

What third-party applications has Apple made obsolete?

contact manager. the name, address, phone number apps used to be something that you needed to buy. all of them had useable features like printing to an envelope or labels, etc. now the contact program that Apple provides is marginally useful.   email app. there are a few survivors but why would you use any when the free

Mail app does okay mail. LookOut, err Outlook might be better. as long as you are paying for Office you might as well try out LookOut. read article

tool my Moto X


I made a tool to fix my Moto X. a USB-C cable was not going into the port. it would start and then hang out. charging was problematic. sometimes it charmed. sometimes it charged. when a thing is fuxord you cannot fuxor it more. meaning? try to unfuxor it.

when I played iPod all the time I found that the headphone jack (remember those) would get lint on the inside. the plugging in ear bugs would hammer down the lint until the LEFT or was it RiGHT channel stopped. the fix was to tooth pick the goo from the hole. read article

What tools should you have for electronic repairs and projects?

the usual screw, TORX, pentablob, jack-a-lope drivers the box of bits with all the weird heads inside. sockets in MM and fractions.

soldering iron. the ZD-99 for $17 is adequate. KSGER T12 Soldering Station is a better idea but is 5X more money compared to the ZD-99.


side cutters aka dykes. get the RED handled cutters from Xcelite. cutters are not to be used a pry tool. get two because you will.

pliers. needle, fat, small, large. cheap assortment vs quality? maybe… channel locks to really force it. read article