WWDC reaction: Back to Work

I didn’t watch the TXT feeds as it came down. it’s largely a waste of time because it’s so eff’n slow. better I think to do real work and then see it all in 30 seconds in the end. so that’s what I did. good thing to because there’s not much here. iPhone 4. that’s nice.

maybe now we can get back to Macs and some real work. where is FCS next? where are the bumped Mac Pro’s? where is the updated Time Capsule? or how about the missing Mac? where is iWork and iLife updates? how come half of the stuff that Apple sells is now 6 to 18 months behind the times? when the most innovative update for Mac in the last 4 years has been the Aluminum keyboard there’s a problem. looking back not much has changed since March.

I’m comparing Apple to the rest of the computing world which has release been releasing some pretty amazing things that don’t cost an arm to purchase. there’s that HP laptop called the Envy for example. the lenovo X series. even Dell has some smashing products. but what I’m in awe over is the desktop class computers for how cheap they are and how they out spec a Mac so handily. of course it’s running Windows but so what. it’s the Apps that you are running that make the difference in the end and for some of us it’s the same zact applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and a sound editor.

I’m not saying that I’m switching today but I my eyes are noticing that the grass really is greener over there.

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