Bottle Cap camera mount

testing it out

bottle caps are all the same no matter how large the bottle is. some energy drinks have a larger cap that supposedly makes drinking faster. either will make a neat universal camera mount.

1/4″ bolt 3/4 to 1 inch long
1 washer
1 nut

put a hole in the cap from a bottle. it doesn’t matter if it’s came from soda, water, juice or tea. all the caps are the same size. you want the hole so the bolt fits snug. if you make the hole too large use another cap. once you have a perfect hole install the bolt, add a washer and tighten it down with a nut. use your fingers to tighten it and when it won’t move anymore your done. you don’t have to get this super tight to work.

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you can put the cap on a bottle that’s full then twist the camera on. DO NOT over tighten the camera to the mount. to avoid wobble and vibration from pushing the shutter use the cameras self timer to take the picture.

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