C-Stand camera mount

video camera mounted on a C-Stand

the problem with a live event is that normal tripods are too short. you have to get the camera above the heads and shoulders of everyone to get a good shot. a C-Stand is a versatile tool that every photographer and movie maker has used to mount lights, bounce cards, backdrops, anything else you might need to get off the ground on a set. but you almost never see them used to hold a camera. the first time we tried doing this we just used a long bolt held in place by the stands clamp. it worked okay and it was stable but if you moved the stand the camera might loosen or the bolt might slip. adding the PVC sleeve the problem is spinning the the clamp. adding the wing nut and the washer fixed the coming lose problem.

short PVC tube
1/4 bolt 3 inches long
2-3 washers
2 wingnuts or 1 wingnut and 1 nut

put the bolt into the PVC and top it with a washer. tighten it down with a nut or a wing nut until it’s tight. add another wingnut. be sure to reverse the direction as you want to tighten up not down. before you mount a camera put a washer on.

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