Craig Syverson – Subtitles
Part tech/video geek, part artist, and part on-camera ham. His specialty is using various media to tell complex stories simply. Craig is a faculty member of the Stanford University Publishing Group, and he founded gruntmedia, the company that created videogrunt, podgrunt, and other videos. Prior to founding gruntmedia, Craig established and led the in-house media production group for IDEO, the world’s leading design firm. Early in his career, Craig had the opportunity to work with the late Buckminster Fuller, who influenced Craig’s love of science and design. Craig also worked as a fine artist, exhibiting with galleries in Los Angeles and Palo Alto, and his multimedia collaboration with designer Naoto Fukasawa was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Visit for more.


Kenji Kato – Multitool
Kenji Kato is a technolusting geek podcaster who’s been covering the Technology, Mac, Media and Web industries sense 2005. Kenji has worked in technology, simulation, software and media production industries for over 20 years for companies such as Apple, SGI, Alias | Wavefront, and currently works with NASA, and several tech startups. Kenji balances his left brain degree in the Physical Sciences, with a right brain fine arts upbringing. He has appeared on shows such as This Week in Tech (TWiT), This Week in Media (TWiM) and MacBreak, as well as teaching at Stanford University’s Professional Publishing Courses as a founding faculty member of the New Media Group. Kenji’s newest home on the web can be found right here at, as well as at his own website (it’s still KKW).

Chris White – appearing in 3D
Chris is a 3D & visual effects artist currently working on his reel and preparing for a job in the film or gaming industries. Maya and Modo are his tools of choice but has experience with a number of other 3D/VFX related tools. Chris also writes for Icrontic where he covers 3D, gaming, Apple and other technology related news and analysis. Chris spends any extra time feeding his a passions and addictions for Twitter, gaming, photography, film and tech when he’s not dicking around on his iPhone or sipping angry coffee, sour beer and foggy whiskey. Chris obsessively designs, organizes or reinvents workflows, pipelines and other system for just about everything in his life.


Tom Mahady – Inventor of Fried Salad
Tom really did invent Fried Salad. it gets an extra day out of the lettuce. he was awarded for his achievement by the Governor of Pennsylvania for getting kids to eat more greens.





Jordan Crair – Fully Leveled Gamer
Judging by the amount of times Jordan has “leveled up����� over the years he should be titled The Grand Poobah of the Universe, but alas, experience points don’t translate into reality (yet). Jordan has successfully pursued a career in slashing, stabbing, sneaking, sliding, and side scrolling his way to victory for the last fifteen years. As an avid gamer, Jordan’s passion lies in the process of getting there, rather than the dreaded GAME OVER at its conclusion. Some of his favorite games include: Final Fantasy VII, Katamari Damacy, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Psychonauts, and Chrono Trigger. Jordan recently left WoW to pursue leveling up in meat space.



Kristin Martin – Geek Audio Girl
Kristin is a Designer/Developer with more than 15 years experience in motion graphics, audio postproduction, video editing and game development for clients including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Sun Microsystems, Mattel, Leapfrog and Adobe. She produced and edited the “The VFX Show” and “Gear Media Tech” podcasts, as well as teaching a 10-week course in Audio Postproduction for fxphd. She also sings and plays bass in the band Noise 292.





Kanen Flowers – Forward Thinking Technologist
Kanen is a film-making, editing, writing, reading, hackintosh systems and teaching “maker person”. he has spoken at TED (the conference), written, directed and edited a feature film called Jake Forgotten – based a published novel of the same name. he was considered one of the top 10 security experts in the world in 2000.

Kanen is a veteran podcaster. he’s appeared on THIS WEEK IN MEDIA, REDCentre, THE VFX SHOW and other fxGuide and PixelCorps productions.

he is currently working on kane|box – an unreleased security tool, written in newLISP and ANSI C, which performs sniffing, packet injection, scanning, vulnerability and exploit identification and other “attacks” against wireless and wired network systems (including statistical and heuristic analysis).

John Foster – BOFH
John built custom game paddles for Apple II’s back in 1981. They were super smooth and had great buttons. He’s owned a computer store, published software and written articles and hacked things into other things just because. He has taught interactive design, video production and story telling at the Academy of Art University. His non-award winning podcasts talk about tech, media and beer. John currently does not own a video camera.