ear bugs

the question asked, “what headphones do you like. are AirPods worth the money?

headphones progression to my ears:

original Apple white wired. sound is average. not high. not so low. middle of the road. considering how much AWW are it should sound better. also, these bastards make my ears hurt. FruitCo used to replace borked bugs for free. just ask the Genius. not anymore.

newer Apple white wired. the bugs with the pokey bit making it look like a tiny space ship. sound better than AWW. these are still one size first most. so my ears hurt after a session. better bass. I’m bugged about the WHITE cable. feels like advertising.  read article

making holes and adding color

back in August I walked into the studio and noticed that one of my mics was missing. it wasn’t stolen thankfully but it was sprawled out on the floor. and then I discovered why. SNAP! eventually same thing happened to the other three clamps. I’m pretty sure that this clamp was never designed to be used as a permanent installation. why? they all broke in the nearly same place.

the Mackie 1202


the Mackie 1202 may not the best mixer in the world. but then what mixer is the best? every thing we've considered has some fatal flaw. like no Inserts, only one AUX bus or all the knobs are the same color. it's the little things. some people would say that the 1202's flaw is that it uses knobs instead of faders. you may find that you need features found on a bigger board. but we think it's pretty awesome for what it does.