the Delorean Hovercraft

an astute coworker saw this on the boat ramp near the office as he was returing with samwiches. because the words Delorean and Hovercraft are two words you never hear next to each other the entire office walked over to see it.

here’s the what we saw:

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Adam Savage on Problem Solving from Maker Faire 2010

Adam Savage’s talk on problem solving offers a list to end all lists of the things to consider when solving a problem. he goes to great lengths to cover every single aspect of what could go wrong stopping a successful solve. the thing is, and his talk actually covers this, is that I’m pretty sure he’s over thinking things. here’s a better way to think about it:

    you really won’t know very much about your problem until you start solving it.
    solving a problem requires three things tools, parts and time to do iterations.
    the first time you solve a problem it might not stay solved.
    you can always ask for help at any time.
    the best solutions are not complex.
    you can get mad and fix it or you can just fix it.
    some problems are best left unsolved.
    money will solve any problem.

the video link is posted here because we mentioned it on the Maker Faire 2010 show. enjoy it!

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