hey, we got a new look

the minimalist theme that was here before was okay. it was more of a placeholder. the idea was to get something that looked better. a theme that didn’t look so blogger like. and not so much magazine or news paper. something that would allow an article to work better. and along came the ia3 theme. it’s nice. it’s scales up and down automatically making it look good on that thing and the big thing and a normal old computer screen. it very likely won’t work so well with Internet Exploder 6 but that’s why we call it Exploder.

over the next [some frame of time] there will be some other changes. it’s all about taking what we learned from the first six months and applying that to make everything better. think of it the same way that Wired magazine changed from a very quirky and often hard to read thing on the edge then morphing to the almost boring thing that it is today. everyone grows up.

our goal is same. that is to make the very best thing that we can make given the need to slave at day jorbs and have a life. so you know, it wasn’t the theme that was the problem from getting new content up and out the door. you’ll hear all about that as time goes on. in the meantime you get to wait just a few more days before stuff shows up on the feed.