making holes and adding color

back in August I walked into the studio and noticed that one of my mics was missing. it wasn’t stolen thankfully but it was sprawled out on the floor. and then I discovered why. SNAP! eventually same thing happened to the other three clamps. I’m pretty sure that this clamp was never designed to be used as a permanent installation. why? they all broke in the nearly same place.

what’s missing from this picture?

I was asked the other day by several different people questions that started out “when do you think the new….”

MacBook Pro with new mobile i5
Mac Pro with those new Intel CPUs
Mac mini
iPod Touch with camera
30″ display or even a 27″ display
Airport / Time Capsule / Express
Final Cut Pro

see the trend here? lost of people around me are noticing that the whole entire product line is growing more in need a refresh as each day passes. it’s seems really odd to me that all this stuff is on hold. the biggest one is the Mac Pro. but without the numbers it’s really impossible to see if it’s really worth while for them to care. the displays not being upgraded is easy to understand. but every Mac can talk to one so why wouldn’t they get respun. read article