25 years ago Macintosh came onto the scene. it was a quirky and very expensive computer. in a way the Mac was the start of it for all of us and like growing up the landscape of Mac has changed each and every year since it launched. as part of growing up it is not anything like it was. the face of Apple is in continuous change. the company is not just about “a computer for the rest of us” it’s also letting us rock and talk wherever we go. 

At the end of MacWorld Expo in 2007 Leo Leporte suggested that a technical discussion of Mac would be a good thing to have. So we created MacBreak Tech. It was very unshow like. The show, if you want to call it that, started as “we now join a conversation already in progress.” During the year we used the discussion to make talk about everything from 802.11 networks to file systems that didn’t exist yet (ZFS). MBT was an experiment to see what worked when talking about heavy subjects. Some things just didn’t work at all. Like dropping advertising bombs in the middle of the conversation. read article