choose a Hosting company check list

look for a feature you might want

  • Rackspace Cloud Sites enables both Windows and Linux technology
  • Quicktime, WMV, or Real streaming servers
  • Flash Multi user server

check the TOS

  • verify that the content you want to serve is compatible with your host
  • how can your services get suspended (SPAM, processes, content)

understand the money back rules

  • is there are hidden 12 month commitment

make SURE your domain does not need to be transfered to the host

  • this bad, very bad

how much is “overages for bandwidth”?

  • and how is it measured

check their documentation

  • do searches for things like “client FTP”
  • adding an outside IP address to the DNS
  • adding Goggle Docs and Apps

email policy

  • is sending too much mail defined
  • if you do email marketing is your blast allowed

what does UNLIMITED mean?

  • slashdotted, dugg, reddit’d, boinged, oh my!

can’t decide?

  • all of them get bad reviews!
  • mind the date of the reviews.

go into it with the old college try attitude

  • most services are month to month so you could try lots of things out for about $100.

one click installs are okay. in fact we don’t think that one-click installs are all that important.┬ájust about every single host will advertise that one-click installations are part of the package. they will let you see how a tool works without the hassle of making a database and running the script to fill it. this makes the WordPress “five minute install” totally possible without having to know anything about gzip, permissions, or making a mySQL database. ┬áthe problem with “one click” installs have a disadvantage sometimes in that they can’t be modified by you. the script always has to do it for you. this can also limit what templates and plug-ins you can use. you are also at the mercy of your provider to keep their tools up to date.

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