these are Jordan’s RAW notes. we’ll see if we can get a regular article out of all of this as a follow up.

from the E3 trade show floor

3D Games – What's not to love? Plenty.
    Sony moving toward a full lineup of 3D games
        Killzone 3 – Very impressive.
        Gran Turismo 5
        Crysis 2
        Tron Evolution
        NBA 2K11
        Sony's Master Plan
            Downside? Those damned glasses.
    Microsoft – no announced 3D?
         So if it can do it, then why didn't they talk about it?
    Nintendo – The clear winner?
        3DS. No glasses on a handheld!? Astounding.
        Odd(poor?) marketing strategy with the DSiXL…
        Remake of N64 titles in 3D.
            Star Fox 64
            Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
            Mario Kart 3D
        New games
            Kid Icarus: Uprising
            Pilotwings: Resort
            Animal Crossing 3D
            Paper Mario 3DS
        No Pikmin 3 announced?

Your body: The new controller
    Nintendo leads the way, years ahead of its competitors. But is the wii better?
        Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword using 1:1 with Link's sword.
    Microsoft renames Natal to Kinect
        Lots of launch titles, no controller.
        People definitely look silly playing it.
        Voice recognition.
        Kinectamals. Reminds me of Seaman for the Sega Dreamcast. Even used the voice feature to issue commands.
            Fun Fact, Leonard Nemoy voiced the narration for Seaman.
            Where is the playing with the kid demo? Is that what Kinectamals is now?
    The Playstation Move
        Lots of integrated games
        Similar to the wii motion plus
    Lots of new dance games and Fitness games.
        Kinect isnt compatible with your couch. WHAT?!

Sequels Sequels Sequels.
        The Force Unleashed 2
        InFamous 2
        Crysis 2
        Portal 2
        Trine 2
        Super Scribblenauts
        Fable 3
        Gears of War 3
        Killzone 3
        Dead Rising 2
        Dead Space 2
        Kane and Lynch 2
        The list goes on.
    I wanted to see more new IP's. Nothing innovative comes out of sequels (usually)
            "Burnout with Guns" – "Bulletstorminess"
        Twisted Metal
            Yeah its a reboot but whatever it might as well be an entirely new franchise

Arcade titles looked very good.
    Downloadable games under 20$.
    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
    PixelJunk shooter 2
    Blacklight: Tango Down
        Particularly good looking multiplayer only arcade game (FPS) with a 15$ price tag.
        It had a very interesting emp grenade mechanic that was essentially a fog grenade.
        And if it hit you you saw a blue screen because goggle computer had to reboot.
Sony announces "Playstion Plus".
    Subscription fee, similar to xBox live. This is after they said they would never charge for online access.
Some good quotes of the week:
    Shigeru Miyamoto talking about Nintendogs + cats:
        "So you know, cats are interesting.  They are kind of like girls. If they come and talk to you it's great. But if you try to talk to them sometimes it doesn't go so well."
    Kevin Butler had an amazing moment in the Sony press conference. Hes very funny.
        "Being a gamer means to have a huge TV in an one room apartment."
        "Staying up till 3am for a trophy that isn't real…. but it is."

Mobile gaming not a big presence at the show. Mostly consoles/PC.

Random things that I forgot to mention:
    Portal 2 Portal 2 Portal 2.
    The new
Jordan's top 5 Game related things he saw:
    The 3DS really was impressive beyond belief. A must see.
    Bulletstorm – Finally a FPS that doesnt take itself seriously.
    Portal 2 – GLaDOS is back with a vengeance… huzzah!
    Star Wars: The Old Republic "hope" trailer
        Don't tempt me to return to MMO's!
    End of Nations – The first MMORTS that I've seen.. and it looks amazing.

Jordan's top 5 general convention highlights:

    A squad of "chinese" troops marching through the lobby.
    Capcom's zombie cage, with both a tattered zombie man and a skimpily clad zombie woman.
    I saw Verne Troyer (mini me from Austin Powers) playing Madden 11'
    I met Gabe Newell in the Valve room.
    Racing babies in the new Babysitting Mama game… truly weird.


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