ear bugs


the question asked, “what headphones do you like. are AirPods worth the money?

headphones progression to my ears:

original Apple white wired. sound is average. not high. not so low. middle of the road. considering how much AWW are it should sound better. also, these bastards make my ears hurt. FruitCo used to replace borked bugs for free. just ask the Genius. not anymore.

newer Apple white wired. the bugs with the pokey bit making it look like a tiny space ship. sound better than AWW. these are still one size first most. so my ears hurt after a session. better bass. I’m bugged about the WHITE cable. feels like advertising. 

Sony MDRE9LP. SEVEN BUCKS! compared the FruitCo offering these bugs are 75% better. the sound is more rounded. enough bass. and the treble punches. this became my goto for gym rocking. who cares if it got wet, crushed, forgotten, or just stopped working. 

Panasonic RP-HJE125. comes in all the colors. has a rubber form for your ear in 3 sizes (included). sound better than the cheap Sony. cost twice as much. $14. cheap.
KZ ATE. one dollar more than the Panasonic. and this the end of the story. possibly the BEST ear bugs you can buy on the price performance curve. sure, you can spend $250 for BOSE but I will tell you, it is really hard to hear the difference between $235. maybe you are trained in hearing audio. it takes a while to learn. and you must have a controlled room to really tell the betweens.
wireless has the problems. compression, compression, and uptime. do I want to rock anytime or do I want to manage another thing that eats power? rock. which is why I have a penchant for all things with wires.
if you must wireless go with as cheap as possible. the LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX fit the bill for 2o bucks. spending more will not get you much more. do a try out and if you do not like them gift them away.
AirPods… simply cost too much considering my environment. maybe if I talked on a phone or FaceTime I would find value. doubtful.

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