has anybody jumped platforms lately?

lately I have this “grass is greener” feeling. that I’m missing something by not dividing my time between the platforms more. and I’m getting this even though I spend time in Linux (server not desktop), Windows XP, and 7 throughout my week.

I’m mostly happy with my work flow but from time to time I look at other tools to do work. I feel that it’s important to stay current. and if current means leaving one platform for another I’m all for it. for example Final Cut and Sound Track are tools that I use in my day to day. but FCP really bugs me lately because it feels like an app from a decade ago. and Sound Track seems nice until you have to wait for Wave Forms to draw again for the 3rd time. that means I’m looking at Adobe, Avid or Sony as a place to do media work. it also means potentially disgustingly cheap hardware. although I will spend the money to re-fan the thing so it’s quiet. I’m not in a hurry to make a jump because NAB is around the corner. this almost always brings a new version(s) of everything to the table.

unlike router software which has no impact for it’s use OS or tool switching has the devil you know factor to contend with. it’s pretty hard to undo years long learned habits and twitches. thinking at the speed of think is pretty important. it’s no fun to have to stop a thought to look up how to make it happen. but some things are the same no matter where you do that work. editing, writing, photo retouching, uploading are all those things. although the Control placement on the keyboard makes some things feel awkward (no problem you say, just make CAPS lock into CTRL – done!) and this kind of thing that makes it even possible for me to consider something else.

I’m not going to ditch to another place entirely but I’m wondering if anyone has and why.

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  • problem with Apple software is it’s only there to sell the hardware – not that i’d buy any other hardware – just that the software’s development cycle is linked (in some vague buddhist cow serenity hippy way) to which models of Mac need a marketing push. the software is pretty good and excellent value, but it seems to live in its own world, devoid of competitors, users, or even a PLAN

    as a computer user and musician, i just cannot get my head around film editing metaphors in FCE (in my case). we’ve got cut/copy/paste and that pretty much covers it – slip/ripple/roll/nipple just makes me wish i was on any other project BUT a video project. it’s like it comes from a pre-computer world and frankly, that’s not good enough for me

    i’ve only ever used Digital Performer on the audio side and I doubt it’s what you want (focus is on composition, not soundtrack ‘collage’) and while it has the advantage of being a Mac only product (not crippled/delayed by Windows compatibility), it’s a bit of a mind-fk to learn (logic does more for you, like a Garage Band pro)

    what I’ve seen of Adobe products, they’ll only make you beg for FCP, despite all its glaring faults – maybe if you get enough people banging on Apple’s door, they’ll make computer age tools. but imagine the re-write time and if iMovie is anything to go by, Apple seems to be heading in the wrong direction completely

    so, no i haven’t switched – what do you do when the best isn’t good enough anymore – like iPhone 3, it’s just lost its edge and Apple doesn’t seem to know it – its like just before the 90s crash – Apple has stopped innovating and started playing with its navel

    (how f-in long did it take to come up with a giant iPod touch? that should have been a 3 month project) sigh!!

  • part of me has always wished for the mythical mid-range tower Mac. you know that box that sits in the sweet spot of the price performance curve. it’s faster enough to do real work but it’s not the latest greatest most expensive processor on the planet.

    you could replace the GPU (that embedded card is nice but no thanks), add in a PCIe card (one is fine but if you have room for two sure) and let me fill the thing with drives. don’t need optical drives anymore thanks. that can be external. think MacBook Pro in a big box. or iMac without the head. I don’t need an Octo because for what I’m doing it doesn’t help me. it’s stupid that I can build that from a box of parts myself hitting my price point and spec requirements. but I don’t because I’d really hate the kick in the balls that is “opps we borked your unauthorized unMac” in the future.

    which is why I even bother looking at things not Mac because that sweet spot is allowed.

    part of the reason this new “show(s)” exist is to allow us and you to ask the question what else is there, what’s better, and is it really something I should pay attention to help me. and maybe we can’t help you now but the next time you have to buy something.

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