hello from Maker Faire

I’m sitting in the “press room” which really should be called the “press lobby” because it’s just a tabled off section of one of the halls. Maker Faire is a bustling place with lots to see. but the best part so far is being able to ask questions because it’s the builder that is behind the stand. lots of the tech being shown is open source maybe because there is no commercial road for the project. or because it really needs the help of lots of other people. it’s sad that so many of these things will never get the attention it deserves.

cool stuff so far…
an Apple //e that displays “tweets”. it displays the TXT and a raster of the Avatar.
el Wire sharks on remote control cars that. when they drirve around in the dark they look like sharks.
really TALL bike cars.
R2-D2 times 9
every single DIY 3D printer.
nifty buttons and stickers

what’s not so cool so far
the printed map that you get when you walk in doesn’t have a complete schedule of talks.
no map of the exhibit area.

thanks HP for the use of this keyboard. I like it but I don’t like the track pad buttons.

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