iPad. Thoughts?

Yesterday MJ asked me: “iPad. Thoughts?

here is my answer:
we didn’t buy one for the office. thought about it. talked about it. but didn’t.

I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience for lots of people. but for the things that I do, or rather, all of us do in our day to day it’s not going to help.

sure, I can see using one to help me produce the podcasts, but paper works too. I do lots of reading on my iPhone and maybe the iPad would be a better experience yet the reason I’m reading is because it’s in my pocket. there’s the presentation possibilities for clients yet we have a BIG screen in a conference room for that.

but the biggest reason I waited was I’m really not into the idea of 1.o products. this thing is a thing that is here to stay. having one on Saturday won’t change that at all.

I’m not waiting for 2.o or the for the next hardware reversion. I will get one between now and the next 6 months. I just don’t like being first anymore. let the other kids learn first and steal from that.

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