the “i” stands for imaginary. and the PDA stands for whatever PDA used to stand for. funny that as I write this I simply cannot remember what the words that acronym shortens. and I don’t feel like searching for the factoid because it doesn’t matter. odd the things we don’t remember.

but I’m serious about the “i”. because iPad is a game changer exactly like the Mac 128 was in 1984. things that we thought we knew about computing are no longer true. stuff that know from our culture of computing could be considered obsolete much the same way the PC ended the dominance of the IT department in the 80’s. it’s amazing what happens when you take the priests out of the equation. so the best way to approach this future is to make it up as you go.

want to know how game changing it is? put it on the table and show some pictures. everyone around the table can easily see them. you aren’t gathered around it like a TV. it’s more like a camp fire. so instead of think about the top of the screen you have to think about how there are four sides. there isn’t a visible keyboard unless you need one so the controls are no longer arrow, ESC, RETURN or F-Anything. it’s exactly the same thing that happened with the Mac. if you want to change the rules of the game you have to take the expectations of how it used to work away.

it’s interesting looking back on what I wrote (it’s the software and tablet thoughts ) prior to the iPad making it’s entrance. one of the things that I could not know is how dependent the iPad would be on another computer in it’s 1.o release. the fact that it relies on iTunes seems to be a mistake. but it’s how iPhone works so you live with that. although moving forward it will have to work independently without help from another device. sure it will always be able to sync with something but it won’t be a requirement.

this is Craig’s drawing that he spent most of the show doodling.

links to developer tools mentioned:
Unity 3D

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