it’s good to be back… thanks everyone


when we ended the show MacBreak Tech I would say, “we’ll see you on the other side.” I’m not sure exactly what I meant by that. Portal wasn’t invented yet so it wasn’t that. maybe it was a someday we will see you “in person”. or maybe I was thinking about switching to Windows. in hindsight I think what I meant was “some day we’ll make something even better and we hope you join us there.” so here we are just over a month old after a great big reset.

I want to take a few paragraphs to thank everyone from the listeners to the cast for all the help and support you’ve given to the show/podcast/blog/platform that is Know Tech. it’s a better day because I get to work on the content here. I’m having a blast making, researching, editing and planning what’s next. there’s so much to learn. the interesting thing is that all of that will end up on the feed or as an article. even the bug to fixes can become content. ha! our mistakes are your benefit.

it’s the little things that come back from you (aka the listeners) that makes it totally worth while to do. like hearing that you support my wonk vision of what “show” should be. that you like the “un-format” of something that has no episode numbers, introductions or show stopping ad drop in the middle right when it was getting good. I don’t like these things myself so why would I put them in a show that we create? I’m happy that you’ve written in asking questions that sometimes even became a conversation. seeing feedback no matter what it is on the twitter or in email helps make the show your show.

I’ve been inspired enough by all of you to work to continue to improve the quality of what we produce. I ordered a bag of chips (no not those chips) so I can finish a microphone project. which will become another article (see how this works). I’ve looked into doing other build projects like the G4 NAS Drive that reuses old computers in a new way.

finally, I’m happy to say that there will be new voices in the coming weeks. I’m working with Jordan who happens to eat and breath games. Chris White got his mic sorted so we’ll hear his take on tools that will help your creative endeavor. Tom Mahady has his Makerbot doing his bidding making whatever he thinks up next. and I’m looking forward to have Ben Durbin and Kanen Flowers behind the microphone as well. both of them are great explainers. and don’t forget the special guests!

thanks again for listening. keep those comments and twitters coming. we’ll keep making because I promise you there’s lots more where that came from on this side of things.

John Foster

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