Last call for Kodachrome


it’s now or NEVER!

there is only one place to develop film left and December it’s over
a year ago less 1% off Kodak film business came from Kodachrome
but it’s been “being turned off” for the better part of 20 years!

what is so special about Kodachrome

it’s the only film of it’s type
developing is an additive process
most BW film removes particle from the negative
archival stable
blue has a 10% loss after 185 years.
think “steam punk”
it looks different from anything else I’ve seen
you can look at a slide and KNOW that it’s Kodachrome
because of the additive development process you can see it
looks like textures
part of it’s beauty is that
it’s slow film
you have to project it
it’s a bitch to make a print from
very forgiving film
it has a range of 8 stops
meaning you can botch the exposure and still get a good looking image
what about OLD film?
it has a room temperature shelf life of 8 months
most photographers froze their stock
old film as long as it was store properly will work today
reports of stock from 1991 reported to look great
the song
mama don’t take my Kodachrome away
simon and garfunkle
this came out when I was kid
I was 8. that was 1973
guess it has been uneconomical that LONG!
I stopped shooting with it because it was expensive to buy and develop
E6 was something you could do in your own dark room!
it was slow
I was kid, I was impatient.
took weeks to get rolls back
what’s next?
there are still some very pretty film alternatives
list goes here
where to get your last rolls
your local camera shop
check your bag.
old film is stable. don’t pay too much though.
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