Maker Faire 2012

for me it’s about momentum. and if I get stopped, if there’s the slightest roadblock, I will go home. at least that’s what I’m like today. I really did try to get to the show. I tried twice. and it would be easy for me to criticize the show planners. but you see, it’s me that is the problem. I hate crowds, I can’t walk far, I get tired easily, I can’t see up making talking to the people difficult if not impossible sometimes. and if I do make the weekend of it because the world was in alignment I pay dearly for the experience for days afterword.

so I bailed. and instead of just gawking at the spectacle that is 3D printers, robots, nerd talks, and lots more walking around I spent the rest day hacking. and got far. it’s pretty easy to forget just how rewarding an afternoon of soldering or programming or writing or coding can be. especially if it’s nothing related to the normal day to day.

here’s the article that talks about how a kid found out that he wasn’t the only one after he spent the day at the Faire. I wish that as a kid I could have fond my kind of nerds.

TinkerCAD is a 3D maker tool that works inside of a modern browser.

the SF Gate (aka cronicle) has a series of pictures that give you an idea of the crowd that descended on San Mateo.

FORA TV has almost all the talks you didn’t make it to hear.

Zoa Chimerum jewelry


R2D2 builders

WALL-E builders

Adam Savage 2012 Maker Faire — Why We Make

Chris Anderson talks about making Autonomous Quadracopter drones. he packed ’em in compared to the 30-40 people that listened in 2010.

more information can be found at DIY Drones.

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