making holes and adding color

back in August I walked into the studio and noticed that one of my mics was missing. it wasn’t stolen thankfully but it was sprawled out on the floor. and then I discovered why. SNAP! eventually same thing happened to the other three clamps. I’m pretty sure that this clamp was never designed to be used as a permanent installation. why? they all broke in the nearly same place.

broken clampsthe first time this happened Heil sent a new clamp for no charge. which, by the way, was service above and beyond. and why we use Heil mics for some of the cast. but because I needed the studio functioning for recording I couldn’t wait for new ones to arrive.

there, I fixed it!you’ve very likely seen the “there, I fixed it!” website. there you will find picture after picture of somebody’s solution to a problem. the solutions are always laughable in a WTF kind of way. my own solution started as a joke. I posed a photo of vise with the Heil clamp in it’s jaws. the idea was that vise costs only $12 where the Heil table stand cost $28.

E dottedafter I took the shot I had an ha, ha, ha, ha… ahhhh moment. I realized I could just drill a hole in the top part of the clamp and bolt it to the table. and because the table top is nothing special nobody would get bent that I drilled holes in it. it took about 20 minutes to drill the four clamps and the table before bolting them in place. I used left over 1/4″ bolts from the tripod project. those bolts happen to be way too long and I will replace them next time I’m at the hardware store (aka box of parts).

here’s a 10 second movie of dotting the E with a drill. it’s shot one handed!

INSTALLED!this worked! although it’s permanent. those mic stands aren’t going to travel unless I get replacement clamps. maybe the solution is to get stands designed for traveling because those big arm stands are a pain to move. why? mostly because I have never had a bag tall enough to carry them.

color coded cableswhile I was rebuilding I took the time to color the cables. it’s something I should have done 3 years ago. I think color is way better than a number label. making the strips was a 2 minute Illustrator copy paste and color. I could have used one of those spiffy color pickers but I used default red, blue, green and orange. both ends of the cable have colors, the mic stand has a splash as does the bottom of the board near the faders.

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