Mic Stand camera mount

Chris from St. Paul, MN writes in telling how to make a mount that would go onto a mic stand. here’s what he sent:

Two years ago, I needed to come up with a camera mounting system that would allow me to put a camera behind the last row of seats in an auditorium, up against the back wall.

I went to the hardware store and came up with this:

Two PVC couplings, the ever-present 1/4-20 nut, bolt and wingnut…and a piece of reinforced tubing.

Why tubing? My idea was to not make a tripod, but a sturdy monopod. Since the theater had mic stands laying around, I needed something that would mount securely on the threaded end of the mic stand.

Here’s the problem: Mic stands use (as you know) a 5/27 thread which doesn’t occur in a hardware store. What I discovered was that I could press-fit the tubing up into the coupling and it would accept the threads without damaging the mic stand. While it’s not secure enough to swing around the playground, it was more than plenty tight for freestanding work.

Added bonus: height adjustable!

Double added bonus: total cost was $2.78 at the awesome hardware store north of Moscone.

here’s a link to the steps to build it.

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