Continuous is a mode on your camera that takes picture after picture for as long as you hold down the shutter. the frame rate of the shots depends on the camera. the Canon shoots is about 4 FPS, Fuji is .3 seconds per frame, Nikon has a mode called 16 (which turns the flash off automatically, there is also has a mode that does 1.5 FPS and the Sony have different rates that depend on the camera. there are several Casio cameras that have super fast frame rates like up to 1000 frames per second!

making holes and adding color

back in August I walked into the studio and noticed that one of my mics was missing. it wasn’t stolen thankfully but it was sprawled out on the floor. and then I discovered why. SNAP! eventually same thing happened to the other three clamps. I’m pretty sure that this clamp was never designed to be used as a permanent installation. why? they all broke in the nearly same place.

hey, we got a new look

the minimalist theme that was here before was okay. it was more of a placeholder. the idea was to get something that looked better. a theme that didn’t look so blogger like. and not so much magazine or news paper. something that would allow an article to work better. and along came the ia3 theme. it’s nice. it’s scales up and down automatically making it look good on that thing and the big thing and a normal old computer screen. it very likely won’t work so well with Internet Exploder 6 but that’s why we call it Exploder. read article