it’s kinda like getting a new pair of shoes. they feel funny because the aren’t broken in. they smell funny because they are new. but they look cool. to get an idea of how it looked I imported the content from the old site. I’m going to delete most of it because it’s old. but this is what it looks like. I have to tweak stuff still, get the logo in there, fix the excerpt text, get the podcast relisted, fix lost pictures and a slew of other stuff like changing the blue links to not blue links. and over time I’ll add more features.

I also have to re-style the forum to look like this minimalist. but overall I’m very happy with how this looks!

my other thoughts? well, hmmm. this is a really different direction then what I was making originally. it’s flattened out. it’s article centric rather than being product centric. this really opens it up to whatever. the only thing I really want is to be able to pick post pages so that things match up better in terms of advertising. and while that’s there now I’m even think of having that disappear. what?! no verts!?! well not in the same sense. my thoughts are that we should concentrate on the content as being the advertising. for example if the subject is web hosting links to that can be to whoever is an affiliate. a good example of how that would work is the Mackie 1202 recording (posting soon). at the end of the discussion you go “oh, I want that and click buy!” remember that we are talking about things that we use. so it’s not like we are plugging to plug like other shows.

accounts are next. I just found a plug in to do the writer, editor, publisher work flow. which will save all kinds of headaches.

it’s restarted. phew.

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  • Good to see, John. FWIW The ads are more accepted than you might think and I wouldn’t do anything that would not result in a sustainable approach. Still miss MBT and KT, definitely a space for that on the audio side of things…

  • Congrats on the restart. Very clean.
    Audio rules! I don’t want to be sitting in front of ANYTHING to consume my media. That’s special time and I’ll use that for a movie and social stuff. There’s this fascination with video, because it leads on to other things, but not podcasts and tech info sharing. ‘How to’ videos are best left as short as possible and up on a website somewhere. Talking heads are just not video fodder. The TWiT network (bless ’em) is just turning into old media again (advertisers sucked them in). How long before they forget about podcast downloads altogether?
    Just give us the audio, please. It’s dead easy to make (Skype is fine), and easier to consume. Content is what matters. And just do it like an audio blog – what you did this week. We’re interested in the same things as you.

  • sure thing Grant. the restart is scales things back. it’s not as ambitious. it’s more simple. I’m sure it will grow up fast though.

    video is something we will do but not in long form. I really don’t want to support chimps on a couch consuming entertainment because they are bored. talking heads don’t really add anything anyway. we are working on one show that has to be in video. but it’s short and to the point. the only reason that it’s video is that it’s about visual things. you really will want to see what’s being blah, blah’d about. but it won’t be live. and I promise it will always be short.

    we talked about over a dinner a long time ago how we love the fact that we’re are displacing Sterm or Limbaugh on somebody’s morning drive. and that’s why we will always do audio!

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