remembering Game Boy

I bought my first Game Boy to play Pokemon. When I say I bought I mean my I begged and pleaded my parents for months to buy me one so I could play Pokemon. Because having just one GB would cause an argument they bought two. I got Pokemon Red. My brother got Pokemon Blue. We could trade each other the specific Pokemon that the other couldn’t get with their version. It’s easy to see now how malleable we were as little kids.

A video game in your hands is something a whole generation has grown up with. Compared to a computer Game Boy was utterly simple. It had an On/Off switch, a volume wheel, and the basic buttons. As a kid I was loaded up with activites like karate and swimming making the amount of time I had at home where I could play a computer or a console. This made the Game Boy my platform of choice.

Nintendo was really good at marketing to kids in those days. Even the name Game Boy made so much sense to my 9 year old mind. I liked games and I am a boy. Game Boy? Sold!

Game Boy had lots of things other than games developed for it. There are language translators, musical synthesizers, a camera that made movies, a sewing machine controller, a fish finder, an oscilloscope, a GPS, MP3 player, an eBook reader and on and on like that. it’s a pretty simple platform consisting of a 8-bit CPU running at 4MHz with 8K of RAM. it makes it about the same power as an Apple II although the Game Boy ran faster. What’s cool is that there are people still dedicated to making things using Game Boy.

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color have sold 118.69 million units worldwide. Meaning there is one stuck in a drawer near you. So pull it out and enjoy old platform. There’s lots of fun to play in there.

written by: Jordan Crair
photo by: wwarby

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