Siggraph 2010

Siggraph hosts an annual conference and trade show for graphics, 3D and visual arts creation. you’ll find everything from graphics cards to clusters of computers both of which are be used for render engines. and while the “trade show” aspect is interesting it’s just the most visible part of the iceberg. the conference is host to talks supporting papers given by insanely smart people talking about things like “Geometry Aware Direction Field Processing”, “Topology- and Error-Driven Extension of Scalar Functions from Surfaces to Volumes” and “Parameterizing Subdivision Surfaces” which are just a few of the topics covering art creation, game development, technical dissertation, educational courses, and panel discussions. and like all conferences it overlaps so there would be no way to see everything during the event. fortunately you can buy it all on DVD. fortunately these videos are also provided in a way that will play from your iPad/iPhone.

links to things mentioned in the show:
sorry, it takes a while to make this list

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