tablet plus time capsule add cloud


I have a lot of data around me that has taken forever to create and cannot be replaced. I’m specifically pointing to music, pictures, movies, code and other writing. these are relatively small files that I have amassed over the years. I’m me so I have that stuff backed up backed up because losing any of it would be a stupid tragic loss. but what about the other people. here are four profiles:

the camera takes lots of pictures and because memory cards are cheap, when one gets full another one gets purchased. somehow the older cards get lost, get spun in the wash or worse get accidently erased when it gets put into the wrong camera. thousands of memories are gone.

the video of the trip gets made on the Flip but it doesn’t get downloaded. we’ll get to that someday is invoked. meanwhile the kids are recording the fish in the tank. somebody gets the bright idea that a close up of them would make a great shot. ploop!

an iPhone gets used all the time but it never gets synced. it gets plugged into a Mac not normally used and the Erase and Sync button gets (accidently) clicked. everything is lost.

she’d been buying music on Amazon and iTunes for a long time. and she’d been ripping her CDs for even longer. one day, some how, it all disappeared.

I’ve helped people try to solve all of these problems and it’s apparent that it should be LOTS easier to do. the presence of a Time Capsule should be enough for a iPhone to sync to. but it’s even more essential with the presence of a tablet. you simply can’t collect all of your media in something that has limited amounts of “disk space.”

even 32 gig of storage is not enough to deal with the digital lifestyle problem. we have too many photos, movies and songs to keep track of. and all the rest that goes with the day to day like phone numbers (does anyone actually know all of your friends digits anymore?) and the future events that we need to monitor.

that means that the “central server” has to be a part of the a tablet strategy. and why not. keeping data in a central place in a way that makes it stable is a really good idea.

the current Time Capsule is not really a great product. especially one that is being sold in the name of BACKUP! it has a poor concept of individual, work group or family. it doesn’t know anything about iPhone. but worse is it’s a single spindle in a non-user serviceable case.

the thing that makes it a real disaster in the making is that a person cannot easily add on to it. you need a mac to manage it. there’s is not plug and play automatic way to make it bigger. and if we are going to embrace this “local cloud” it has to have a way to get bigger without thinking about managing it.

the part 2 of this is there has to be a way to get what’s on the Time Capsule to somewhere else. you know, just put your username and password into it then it starts flinging to the service formally known as dotMac. and it needs to fling all 500G of it to a remote place. the very idea that Time Capsule doesn’t automatically do this NOW means that Apple is kinda sorta lying about taking care of your data.

enter the tablet. as I said, iPods and iPhones run out of room. we put so many podcasts, movies, pictures and tunes there they are completely full. and some computers are also completely full so the l)users actually erases music and movies and picture because they are already (and assumed safely) on their iPod. the number of times I have recovered from iPod can be counted when the line is, “these are the ONLY pictures of my BABY” I have to cringe. what the what?! are you crazy?

yes. they are. people don’t see this as anything other than magic. period.

for the Tablet to succeed it needs a great backend that goes beyond one-button-backup. it just needs to happen. automagically.

part 2 of this is called “what about my devices” and will be posted sooner.