tech resolutions for 2011

everyone has one of these lists. it’s a easy thing to write because it’s what everyone is thinking about. you know how it goes: join a gym, eat better, spend less, learn French, do more. so because everyone is here’s our list.

and by the way, podcasts are coming. really. there’s stuff in the can.

don’t wear white earbuds
they sound terrible for one thing. but you really have to ask yourself, “do you really want to be an a walking advertisement for a music player or a phone?” there are lots of different earbuds that are under $20 that sound way better. sometimes they even come with a wind up case.

we like UrbanEars because they sound really good and they come in colors. if you don’t like that look try out some about $10 Sony Earbuds.

ignore the pundits
it’s time to stop looking to people that write for magazines and corporate blogs for expert advice especially when so many other outlets are just a search away. these guys that are predicting that this will kill that are only making that claim because it stirs the bees and gets them mad. why? because mad bees flock to the article page which generates revenue from the adverts.

use a backup drive
yes, we say this every year and for whatever reason the advice is ignored. but every year there is more at stake because we’ve all got more digital in our live than ever before. the thing with a back up hard drive is that you can’t use it for anything else but the backup. that means you’ll need to put last seasons TV shows somewhere else. a back up drive doesn’t have to be expensive. nor does it have to be the same “size” as what is inside you computer. bigger is better to a point.

upgrade your seat
not your software license, the thing you sit on. make a point to shop in the chair section of your office store. Sit in a few chairs, but don’t buy right away. compare those chairs with your old chair. everyone’s butt is different so you have to find what fits you. for that reason alone you shouldn’t buy a chair “because it was a good deal.” and don’t just automatically assume that because it’s expensive that an Aeron Chair is the best chair for you. if you have a real business, some chair stores will let you demo several for a week or so at a time.

build an app (and learn how to program!)
we have several iOS apps we’ve been thinking about building this last year, we’ve even mocked up some ideas but the closest thing we’ve come to actually getting to work coding them is download Xcode and browse though iOS programming books on Amazon. With the Mac App Store, iOS and Android growing and new platforms like Windows Phone 7, Xbox Kinect or the PlayStation Move this is a good year to execute those ideas we have all been thinking about.

the next best thing to a new computer
next time you are at the computer store get a new mouse. and maybe a keyboard. it’s kinda like getting a new computer in a weird way.

upgrade your Display
years ago we said to replace any CRT with an LCD. at the time 1280×1024 17″ LCD were in the $249 – $399 range. now years later you can find a 1920 x 1200 display display for about the same price. why? a bigger screen is a more productive experience. you don’t have to scroll as much and there is more room for tools. colors have improved with each iteration. but don’t buy into all the specs. Screen Refresh and Contrast are impossible to quantify unless you have specific tools to measure them. possible important features include the stand, ability to pivot and multiple DVI, HDMI and a good old VGA.

off whatever you aren’t using
If you’ve got an old computer that still has some life in it, sell it for $300. or more if its worth more of course.

stop reading so much
unread RSS feeds, unorganized digital notes, a messy inbox and a ton of todo items no longer relevant is baggage to unload. spend an hour weeding out what you no longer have interest. learn to use smart folders and dumb folders to give you different view of incoming email.

no more bashing
Mac users should be nice to the Windows users. It’s not their fault. it’s also time for Windows users check out that Mac because there are some things worth considering. but most of all get into your head that you should be using the best tool for the job instead of taking sides.

tell us what you are resolving
add a the comment below with your thoughts about what you are leaving behind from 2010. everyone would love to hear them.


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  • I’m emptying out my office today. Arhiving old paper/media/stuff that hangs around which I never ever look at.

    Cleared my walls too of postits, resolutions, images I like. I fancy a blank canvas right now.

    Learn to code, fer sure.

    But no letting things hang around is my main take away from 2010. Man, that year seemed endless…

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