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  • First Post on Knowtech!

    The Airport Expres is indeed, cool. In fact, for those of us who don’t need the power of an airport extreme but just want to fling the internet into the airwaves for wi-fi, it works great. However, the USB printer support is not so great, as despite having an Epson printer (epson is well known for having good Bonjour support) the airport express acts like there’s not even a device plugged in, i don’t know if its just an issue with the Epson DX7400, but i can’t get it to work….

    The wireless music feature, also cool, and very few other routers i know have that feature.

  • rockin for sure. ap express kills. my problemo: can’t print with color via ap express?! uncool… tried some things (mostly resetting the station will uttering various chants) and still no luck…

    other hand – you can set up VLC to jog the audio (time warp it) and sync it up with the express (…that is, if you use airfoil! google it). massage you express into streaming your av!

    ap express… enough good can’t be said. Cheersss!

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