tool my Moto X


I made a tool to fix my Moto X. a USB-C cable was not going into the port. it would start and then hang out. charging was problematic. sometimes it charmed. sometimes it charged. when a thing is fuxord you cannot fuxor it more. meaning? try to unfuxor it.

when I played iPod all the time I found that the headphone jack (remember those) would get lint on the inside. the plugging in ear bugs would hammer down the lint until the LEFT or was it RiGHT channel stopped. the fix was to tooth pick the goo from the hole.

enter USB-C. the gap is tiny around the connector plate that floats in the middle. as I look at the connector to learn how to clean it I realize the genius of the Lightning connector that FruitCo made. the gap is even smaller. making loose pocket not so easily installed inside. and the USB-C connector is genius because it has a hard metal shell protecting the pins giving them a partial chance against handling. one solves problems the other has it’s own. trading offs for better.

the tooth pick was too big. smashing it in there would break the connector inside. nope. and a metal wire was right out. even if the zorg was off off I am certain that metal on metal would find a way to let the smoke out. a zorg cannot run without smoke. the solution? carve down the tooth pick making a poke that would fit into the even tighter space.

“there sure is lot of carbon scoring here… looks like you’ve seen a lot of…”

it took a while to dig it all out. there is really no way to see down inside. yes, you can, but it so small. even my +3 specs were not helping that much. so I dug blind. digging took a while. like 3o minutes of prying slowly with each pass bringing out something. as long as it was not copper. the wood tool was not very strong. it broke twice making me carve a next revision. little by little the chucks of two years came out. black. gray. could be dirt. could be forgotten hand. could be pants. or part of pants. along the way I check the cable finding it was still hamming up. the plu-ugh gave a clue to where the ham was stuck. dig, dig, dig, badger, badger, badgers, there better not be mushroom, mushrooms! check the cable.

to be sure I dig some more. and more goo came out. shining the light down inside revealed what looked like a different connector. it reflected back meaning there was no dirt there to make it non reflective. I do not have macro on a camera that goes small enough so take that picture. just believe me. plug in the cable. it charges without wishgglling.


now I don’t need need a new ZORG!