we’ve seen in history that events seem to repeat themselves as if we’ve never learned from the past. but no matter how long ago you go you will always find a need for getting a message from here to there. that message might be sent to a single person or it has to go to many people. no matter how many people the message goes to people have been looking for a better way to send and deliver the message.

messaging has been powered with everything: smoke, light, drums, pigeon, horse, person, bottle just to name a few of the contraptions used over the centuries. electricity is the most recent change to this. it’s what put guys riding on horseback out of business 150 years ago.

we know that Twitter has a limitation of 140 characters. which historically is a lot of characters. telegrams charged by the character making every messages exactly to the point. the limitation of the message size is best on TXT messaging for phones which has a limit of 160 characters. this limit was based on research that found that most postcard contained about that many words. “weather is here. wish you were wonderful. always sarcastic J”

Movable Type – sudo standard
Morse Code – 1844
Baudot Code (data transmission “baud” rate came from this) – 1870
ASCII – 1960 to 1963

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