What tools should you have for electronic repairs and projects?

the usual screw, TORX, pentablob, jack-a-lope drivers the box of bits with all the weird heads inside. sockets in MM and fractions.

soldering iron. the ZD-99 for $17 is adequate. KSGER T12 Soldering Station is a better idea but is 5X more money compared to the ZD-99.


side cutters aka dykes. get the RED handled cutters from Xcelite. cutters are not to be used a pry tool. get two because you will.

pliers. needle, fat, small, large. cheap assortment vs quality? maybe… channel locks to really force it.

a bench power supply.

work matte. see AvE.

a $50 o-scope.

drill that plugs into the wall. drill with a battery that fails.


heat gun. for removing glue from iPads or unsticking bolts.

vacuum. the shop sucks without a vacuum.

multi meter. any meter is better than no meter. you DO NOT need a $200 Fluke. the 8008 meter is pretty good. and cheap.

here is a take on tools. buy the cheap tool first. you might use it just one time. but you will know more about the next tool you need. some tools you will replace over and over because the tool wears out, you use it as a pry, or it just sucked. learn from that.

buy better tools if you have a choice.