What’s in your bag?


we carry lots of tech stuff around in our bags to make sure our tech lives are easier to manage wherever we go. it’s pretty amazing how diverse the bags were. it’s clear that there is a difference between the mobile traveler and the office bound joe. which only validates the rule of tools which is “tools tend to migrate to where they will help you.”

we didn’t talk about every single bag that we have around us. for example I used to have a foley bag. it was filled with stuff to make sounds. whistles, clickers, sand paper, metal, rocks, wood, balls, stick, twigs and sometimes fruit (although that never stayed in the bag). some people said it was a bag of junk. but I used it on a bunch of projects over the years creating everything from fire to a sinking ship. sadly, I don’t have that bag anymore as it was passed on to another artist.

bags have different jobs and are shaped to make that job work better. a camera bag is very different then a computer bag. and good thing too. bags are designed to help make your job easier. when the bag disappears from the task it’s a perfect bag.

one thing I know about bags is that sometimes I don’t want the largest most pocketed bag out there. more often I want a bag that limits what I can carry. why? there’s nothing worse then a bag that has two notebooks with the accessories to go with them. in so many ways having two bags would make both lighter. or the camera bag that has pockets for every lens that you own. while I like having everything with me sometimes remember that glass is heavy.

here’s a list of some things we talked about
Leatherman Squirt P4 Multitool

Card Readers

Leatherman New Wave Multitool

Maglite Mini Flashlight

Iomega Ruby Red USB 2.0/FireWire 400/800 Hard Drive

Beer Tasting Notebook

Piccadilly Notebooks

Zoom H4n Portable Digital Recorder

Velcro Cable Ties, 0.5″ x 8″, 100 per Pack (91140)


Belkin Mini Surge 3OUT Wall Mount 75K 918J with USB Charger

now do tell, what’s in your bag?

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  • some interesting ideas. I always have headphone splitters and a spare set of cans for clients to listen to a cut or some audio I’ve made, as well as 1/4 to 1/8″ adapters, 1/4″ to RCA cords, iPod dock cable to RCAs, a little pencil case full of audio and video adapters and less actual cabling. Yeah, I leave them and lose them etc but I rarely need them…the minute I leave ’em at home I’ll need them!

    I’m a huge fan of those Verbatim tuff n tiny USB thumbdrives, they go in my pocket with my spare change and on my keychain and are indestructible…been through the laundry and in pockets with keys, they’re really tough to scratch up.

    For work gigs I tend to take a backpack as opposed to a messenger bag, simply because I can put a water bottle and coffee thermos on each side, and can stuff some food in there for when I’m stuck doing overtime and need an energy bar or something. It always seems clumsier with food and drink in a messenger bag for me.

  • Enjoyed the show. I thought it might be even too nerdy for me, but sadly I actually liked it.

    What’s the difference between your belkin and this belkin besides about $5.

    Also, are you always going to carry your laptop and your ipad? If not will you use the same bag. I’m in a nerdy dilemma as I will just be using my ipad in front of customers but will need my laptop as I bounce between my home, office, and coffee shop. Not sure what bag or method to use for this.

  • the Belkin vs Belkin answer is they appear to be the zact same thing. and in fact they are with one exception. the part numbers are different.

    we’re pretty sure that your reliance on your laptop is going to diminish over time. I was talking about this last night with somebody that was considering a new MacBook Pro. I was telling him how my next Mac is going to be either iMac instead of a MacBook. the MacBook Pro)totype that I have is going to be able to do work for a long time in the roll of notebook. but I need a more powerful CPU to make my render times lower. but I don’t want to spend the $$ for a Mac Pro which is now 9 months in need of an update (those stupid expensive Xeons do have that much more power compared to a regular old QuadCore). what I’d really like to buy is the the missing Mac.

    but back to your question. I think I would go with 2 bags instead of just one. your iPad bag could have all your presentation cables and benders, that spiffy Belkin power strip, etc. the reason would be to impress the kids you are presenting to. mostly because it will be light, minimalist and they haven’t seen it done yet. a year from now it will be less impressive. leave the laptop bag in the trunk. I haven’t done a survey of bags to support this meme but there will be lots of them.

  • Dayglo is missing. You mentioned loosing stuff … cables, adapters. Buy a few rolls of dayglo tape and wrap around all that black cable, keys, memory sticks .. whatever. Its much easier to spot under hotel beds, in the bottom of your bag, and so on.

    Also, little packing bags and wallets – Tom Bihn, Eagle Creek etc make these – help keep things under control.

    Love the show. Its a geek version of Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington. Glorious drivel – keep it up!


  • I drove in with my son and his pal to town, about 15 minutes of a drive. The section we listened to was the long and detailed list of cables in the production bag. My son’s pal was pretty incredulous.

    The one thing I’d throw in is the kind of bag. I’ve become fond of the wheeled variety for my office bag. Given that I have all that you might expect as well as cameras and drives etc in there, the weight has become a major issue.

    Given the iPad, i’m thinking I might get a much smaller bag for it and my Livescribe and notebook and only a few things. I’d like something smaller for travel and short trips.

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